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Monster gnawings! And my gnawings

I’ve been trying to ignore it, but I think I have a problem. Quite often these days there is a monster in the place where I suck the foods and it’s trying to gnaw its way out. Mommy calls it “teeth” but I just call it horrible. It’s been waking me up trying to claw up out of my mouth. I HATE it and the grown-ups keep taking it for granted. Very upsetting.

And now something else is happening. I don’t know if it’s related or not, but another part of me–the part I breath with when I’m drinking–isn’t always working correctly. Today I wanted to eat, but my breathing place was too full, so I had to breath with my eating place! I was Very upset. I cried for probably a whole minute before Mommy realized jiggling wasn’t helping! (I think she’s just a bit slow; she really does care, I promise.) Anyway though, it gets even worse, if you can believe it. When she realized that something was wrong with my breathing, she found a blue monster and put it IN my breathing place. It was UTTERLY AWFUL!!! The monster sucked up some of my air. I protested as loud as I could, but the monster did it two or maybe three times. When I had gotten over the indignity a little bit, I found I could breathe again, so I had some food. Milk, it’s the stuff of life.

If I can just get through this monster gnawing problem, I will be having a great time with my mouth though. Lately, Mom’s been putting something besides the foods in my mouth. Usually it’s a little bit sweet, and it has lots of flavor. It is really exciting and I grab Mommy’s and help her put in my mouth to hurry her up. I want as much I can eat! Sometimes we miss and get food on my face and my clothes, but I forgive her that because this solid stuff is exciting. Mommy agrees, because she and Daddy have the solid stuff a lot. And usually they don’t share! Their solid stuff smells good but Mommy is greedy about it and eats it all. I ask for food by wiggling and looking at it. I think the parents understand, because Daddy tells me it wouldn’t be good for me. How paternalistic!