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Over I go! (Bruce, 5.5 mo)

Everyone, I rolled! Onto my tummy, on purpose! In fact, I can do it whenever I want. Well, as long as I’m on my back, at least. You just put me on my back, and I’ll roll over and beam. Just wait until I manage that while they are changing me. We’ll see who I catch with that one first Mommy or Daddy.

The only problem with being on my tummy is that then I want to keep on going places. I am a baby on the move! And I really can’t manage to go anywhere. Legs seem to be an on-going issue in my life. I really thought I’d solved them when I made them bounce me everywhere, but when I try to go forward on my tummy, my legs are kind of useless. May have to work on that.

Speaking of which, Mommy raised my bouncer up a bit, so now even a tiny tiny wiggle sends me zooming in the air. Bouncing, higher and better than ever. “MMMMMMM! Ehh vooo! Ehhhh. <hiccup> Reeeee AAH MMM<hiccup>

I didn’t like bouncing yesterday. Well, let’s be frank. I didn’t like much of anything yesterday. I tried to spend the last two days sleeping, because when I tried to breathe sometimes  the air didn’t come properly. It was awful. I would want to sleep, so I went for the foods, and then I couldn’t breathe. Then Mommy (or Daddy, he’s betrayed me too.) would get the monster that goes in my nose and takes my air. Invasive and horribly rude I said. They did not listen.

I’m past that now though. I’m full of strawberry flavored energy, jumping, beaming, and drooling. I grab one hand with each of my hands and each hand puts its catch in my mouth. Usually that means I grab my own hands, but earlier today I caught a hand of Mommy’s and a hand of Daddy’s. Both of them, caught right next to me for teething convenience. It was great!

“MMMMMMMMMM eh vehh”



Boing de BOING de BOING! (Bruce, 5mo)

Everyone, something absolutely wonderful has happened. Now, I hang from the ceiling and I go up and down, up and down! I mentioned before that I thought there might be something like “legs” attached to me. Now, I am absolutely sure I have legs. Mommy puts me in a jumper and suddenly my legs are wonderfully useful. I can stand and see so many things. And whenever I am happy, or excited, or even stressed, my legs flex and I bouncing up into the air. I stop when Mommy talks, but the rest of the time, little pushes make me go wheeee! It is everything wonderful, and life has become twice as worthy of singing about as before. You think I sing when I am out of my jumper? You should hear the way I sing in my jumper! Sometimes I get so tired, but I can’t stand for Mommy to take me out of my jumper. Yes, I’m tired, but I really don’t want to lose my bounce. Speaking of going in and out of my jumper, Mommy really needs to work on her technique. Sometimes she balances me on my tummy while trying to fasten me in. Then I usually throw up all over her. Silly, silly Mommy! Between that and the number of times I bounce the wooden part into her while she fastens me in, I think she’s pretty clumsy, honestly. Don’t tell anyone I said that though, because sometimes she makes sad noises when she gets hurt, and I don’t like that. It makes me sad too.

However, other things are good too. I have really discovered Daddy lately. “Daddy” is the name of the grown-up I see a lot, and I’m getting pretty excited about that. Sometimes he seems a bit puzzled that I think he’s worth craning upside-down to see or that I want him to hold me a lot. But guys, he’s pretty fascinating. On a day that was sometime before today, I hung out with Daddy a lot, and it was really good. Well, until I started teething and needing a change. But before that we saw the outside a lot, and went on a vibrating thing. NOT that horrible kind from before. Mommy-forbid! No, this one had many many people on it, and lots of them smiled at me. I grin at them and talk to them until they look at me full-on. Then I get shy and hide. Oh, and one of them had bright red hair all over his head, on top and beneath. I LOVED IT. I talked to him a lot. Now if I could just figure out how to sleep when there is so much excitement …

I’ve decided that by far the worst thing in my life is when I can’t get something in my mouth. Do you know how often that happens? It’s definitely the single largest cause of woe, evers! Lots of my toys are hard to get into my mouth. How is that fair? Heck, yesterday I wanted Daddy’s finger in my mouth, and he put it somewhere else!

By the way, I think I like spoon foods, but I don’t like that they are harder for me to control than the foods. When I want to eat the foods, I can just find one and suck on it. When mommy is feeding me spoon foods, if she’s too slow, all I can do is complain. And sometimes she takes the spoon out of my hands, if you can believe it! Considering how slow the service is, what on earth am I supposed to do while I wait besides play with the spoon?

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Foods, Fakefoods, and Sleeping (Bruce, 4mo)

Have you seen fakefoods? My aunt has them; so does grandma and some other people. They’re just like Mommy’s but they Don’t Make Milk! A guy gets tired with so many people and he figures it’s time for a good nap. Now I like to sleep on the foods. I like it a lot, so maybe I decide to take a nap on a friendly NotMommy. But if I nose around looking for a way to latch, there is a cover in the way and they won’t let me! I keep nosing around before I realize that these fakefoods don’t even smell right. Naturally, I put my head back for a deep WAIL. Fortunately, that tends to make people pass me back to Mommy and the foods. About time, I tell you. I rather think we should outlaw fakefoods though. They are even more of a tease than Daddy’s complete deficiency. (Don’t tell, because I don’t want to gossip, but my Daddy doesn’t have foods. He’s really not that useful for some things.) Fakefoods aren’t functional, and as far as I can tell, they exist just to get one’s expectations up. Anyone with me?

On the other hand, Mommy seems to like putting things in my mouth, because now she’s tried a new thing. First she put her finger in my mouth. I like fingers alright, and I want to keep her happy, so I suck. It Had Flavor! Not like the foods, but a different flavor. (World has multiple flavors? Pardon me while I process that revelation.) I kind of liked it. A few sleeps later though, she gave me the funny green flavor again, but this time she used a curved scoopy thing instead of her finger. Now, I think she’s doing it, because that’s what everyone’s doing. But Daddy’s right, these “spoon” things really aren’t helping me out here. When I stick my tongue out–remember I’ma  skilled eater of the foods, I know how to do this– the food slides back down this spoon thing and runs away. Then Mommy takes the stupid contraption out of my mouth and pushes the food back. I try to taste the food and it runs away. Finally Mommy takes the odd-tasting-tease and scrapes some of the food off of it with my gums. Flavors fall on my tongue. Interested I try to suck them, but then some of the flavors slide out of my mouth. Gah! Mommy, if you want me to try this new Flavor thing, can’t you put them back on your finger?  For you I will try this odd-tasting-tease stuff, but I’m really sceptical of your technique.

And Daddy, don’t ever try making me use the odd-tasting tease again. I wailed at you last time you tried it, and I’ll wail again. You know better than to make me use “spoon,” and anyway mommies feed. You are missing a set of foods, and whenever you give me something to suck, it comes in a wrongnipple and is usually too cold. I do not trust you to feed me!

On a different note, I finally got through to mommy that putting me in that little pink bed was squishing my neck and offending my sense of self. But now, instead of putting me to sleep in my bed–the one she thinks is hers–she puts me ON THE FLOOR. I’d like to see  her go to sleep on the floor. Actually, I would. That would make floor time a lot more fun. So anyway I was peacefully sleeping on the floor like a poor baby who apparently doesn’t deserve a bed and then the streetlights got into my eyes. So I pulled something nearby over my eyes. I’ve learned to do this on purpose, and I’m kind of proud of myself for solving my own problems. But then Mommy moved the nice shade  Her only excuse is some guff about not wanting me to smother myself. I was breathing just fine before she woke me up. She’s a slow learner, folks.

Somewhat patiently,