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Over I go! (Bruce, 5.5 mo)

Everyone, I rolled! Onto my tummy, on purpose! In fact, I can do it whenever I want. Well, as long as I’m on my back, at least. You just put me on my back, and I’ll roll over and beam. Just wait until I manage that while they are changing me. We’ll see who I catch with that one first Mommy or Daddy.

The only problem with being on my tummy is that then I want to keep on going places. I am a baby on the move! And I really can’t manage to go anywhere. Legs seem to be an on-going issue in my life. I really thought I’d solved them when I made them bounce me everywhere, but when I try to go forward on my tummy, my legs are kind of useless. May have to work on that.

Speaking of which, Mommy raised my bouncer up a bit, so now even a tiny tiny wiggle sends me zooming in the air. Bouncing, higher and better than ever. “MMMMMMM! Ehh vooo! Ehhhh. <hiccup> Reeeee AAH MMM<hiccup>

I didn’t like bouncing yesterday. Well, let’s be frank. I didn’t like much of anything yesterday. I tried to spend the last two days sleeping, because when I tried to breathe sometimes ┬áthe air didn’t come properly. It was awful. I would want to sleep, so I went for the foods, and then I couldn’t breathe. Then Mommy (or Daddy, he’s betrayed me too.) would get the monster that goes in my nose and takes my air. Invasive and horribly rude I said. They did not listen.

I’m past that now though. I’m full of strawberry flavored energy, jumping, beaming, and drooling. I grab one hand with each of my hands and each hand puts its catch in my mouth. Usually that means I grab my own hands, but earlier today I caught a hand of Mommy’s and a hand of Daddy’s. Both of them, caught right next to me for teething convenience. It was great!

“MMMMMMMMMM eh vehh”