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Over I go! (Bruce, 5.5 mo)

Everyone, I rolled! Onto my tummy, on purpose! In fact, I can do it whenever I want. Well, as long as I’m on my back, at least. You just put me on my back, and I’ll roll over and beam. Just wait until I manage that while they are changing me. We’ll see who I catch with that one first Mommy or Daddy.

The only problem with being on my tummy is that then I want to keep on going places. I am a baby on the move! And I really can’t manage to go anywhere. Legs seem to be an on-going issue in my life. I really thought I’d solved them when I made them bounce me everywhere, but when I try to go forward on my tummy, my legs are kind of useless. May have to work on that.

Speaking of which, Mommy raised my bouncer up a bit, so now even a tiny tiny wiggle sends me zooming in the air. Bouncing, higher and better than ever. “MMMMMMM! Ehh vooo! Ehhhh. <hiccup> Reeeee AAH MMM<hiccup>

I didn’t like bouncing yesterday. Well, let’s be frank. I didn’t like much of anything yesterday. I tried to spend the last two days sleeping, because when I tried to breathe sometimes ┬áthe air didn’t come properly. It was awful. I would want to sleep, so I went for the foods, and then I couldn’t breathe. Then Mommy (or Daddy, he’s betrayed me too.) would get the monster that goes in my nose and takes my air. Invasive and horribly rude I said. They did not listen.

I’m past that now though. I’m full of strawberry flavored energy, jumping, beaming, and drooling. I grab one hand with each of my hands and each hand puts its catch in my mouth. Usually that means I grab my own hands, but earlier today I caught a hand of Mommy’s and a hand of Daddy’s. Both of them, caught right next to me for teething convenience. It was great!

“MMMMMMMMMM eh vehh”



Monster gnawings! And my gnawings

I’ve been trying to ignore it, but I think I have a problem. Quite often these days there is a monster in the place where I suck the foods and it’s trying to gnaw its way out. Mommy calls it “teeth” but I just call it horrible. It’s been waking me up trying to claw up out of my mouth. I HATE it and the grown-ups keep taking it for granted. Very upsetting.

And now something else is happening. I don’t know if it’s related or not, but another part of me–the part I breath with when I’m drinking–isn’t always working correctly. Today I wanted to eat, but my breathing place was too full, so I had to breath with my eating place! I was Very upset. I cried for probably a whole minute before Mommy realized jiggling wasn’t helping! (I think she’s just a bit slow; she really does care, I promise.) Anyway though, it gets even worse, if you can believe it. When she realized that something was wrong with my breathing, she found a blue monster and put it IN my breathing place. It was UTTERLY AWFUL!!! The monster sucked up some of my air. I protested as loud as I could, but the monster did it two or maybe three times. When I had gotten over the indignity a little bit, I found I could breathe again, so I had some food. Milk, it’s the stuff of life.

If I can just get through this monster gnawing problem, I will be having a great time with my mouth though. Lately, Mom’s been putting something besides the foods in my mouth. Usually it’s a little bit sweet, and it has lots of flavor. It is really exciting and I grab Mommy’s and help her put in my mouth to hurry her up. I want as much I can eat! Sometimes we miss and get food on my face and my clothes, but I forgive her that because this solid stuff is exciting. Mommy agrees, because she and Daddy have the solid stuff a lot. And usually they don’t share! Their solid stuff smells good but Mommy is greedy about it and eats it all. I ask for food by wiggling and looking at it. I think the parents understand, because Daddy tells me it wouldn’t be good for me. How paternalistic!