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The WORST day of my life!! (Bruce, exactly 5 months)

So today Mommy, Kathryn, and a Not-Mommy took me out in a vibrating thing. That might have been fun, but they strapped me in tightly, so I couldn’t do much. Mind, I really can’t do much anyway, but being strapped in is offensive! I was being a really good boy though and I put up with it. Things moved by the windows. I watched. After an hour or so, we were somewhere else. Mommy got out and left me with Kathryn and the Not-Mommy. I wasn’t impressed, but  Not-Mommy was nice and Kathryn was still there. Then Mommy still wasn’t back, and my teeth started hurting. I YELLED. Not-Mommy looked surprised and tried to help, but I told her that I wanted Mommy!

Mommy came at some point and she fed me. We went somewhere and I slept. All was very good. Then things took a turn for the sinister. I woke up because Mommy was strapping me back into the trap in the vibrating thing. I wasn’t impressed. I slept and I woke and I was still there. And still there. And I asked for food and Mommy was near me. I could hear her. BUT SHE DIDN’T COME. And she still didn’t come. I cried until I was tired and fell asleep in my infant misery. It was TERRIBLE. And the vibrating thing stopped. Mommy called it a jam. (Is that like Daddy’s sandwich food?) The vibrating was all that was making it even kind of a tiny bit bearable. I screamed again. Mommy kept talking, but since she didn’t come that didn’t help. It made it worse really. After forever and forever, we got out and she got me. Wet fell on my face over and over, and I tried to hide in her. I didn’t like the fat wet falling on me, but it was so much better than the utter misery of before.

I clung to Mommy all the rest of the day. Tightly. Actually, I’ve been getting very good at clinging tightly, actually. I grab everything now and don’t let myself fall. After all, what if if Mommy let go? I figure I’d better be ready. Similarly, when I eat, I try to hook my hands into the foods so that they don’t go away. Mommy is really really unhelpful about that though. She unhooks me every single time and sometimes she even makes loud upset noises as I dig in. That scares me and I scold her for disrupting my meal with noises. Really, you would think she would know better!

Mommy isn’t the only thing to grab though. I grab the hanging colors that Daddy put over the place where they put me down to sleep–the wrong place where they put me when they’re not putting me in our big bed. Sometimes when I pull, the colors come down. Often they move and make noises. I wiggle about that. One time I was lying on our bed and I called for Mommy. Suddenly she was there and she was wearing my carrier with colors hanging on it. I looked from MOMMY!! to the foods to the hanging exciting colors, and all was good. Oh so very good.