Sleep Mostly (Bruce, 4 mo)

Having some troubles with mother lately on the topic of sleeping. Take last night for instance, I was very tired after watching my sister–you try staring at a four year old for a  while, it’s exhausting!–so I fell asleep while mom was putting her to bed. Apparently Mom didn’t completely approve, because after a nice half an hour she started trying to wake me up. She tried all her favorite tricks like talking to me and rubbing my hair the wrong way, but I was a tired baby, and I completely ignored her. Apparently that brought out the sadistic streak in her, because next she tried chucking me under the chin. She knows I don’t like that. However, I am a focused baby, and I was tired, so I gave her a dirty look and then went back to sleep. That’s when she truly got me below the belt. She went with her other trick from back when I was a premie; she boob-slapped me! Wow, some people are desperate for attention. Finally to make her bloody leave me alone I sucked on it for at least five seconds, but then I think I went back to sleep. I tried to tell her I was a tired baby!

So then a couple hours later I woke up and I was feeling better. Really hungry, I mean I hadn’t eaten in like 4 hours by then–can you believe she would do that to me!–but not nearly as exhausted. She got up and took me into our bed out of that little bed she keeps sticking me in. So after I’ve eaten a bit, I decided I should entertain mommy a bit so that she wouldn’t bother me again so much next time. We were all covered with a lightweight thing and then mommy and I were sharing a heavier thing that was kind of warm. It was cozy, so I grabbed it and pulled. It moved! That was funny, but then mommy took it out of my hand and moved it back. Bah! Still, even after she moved it, I felt that soft and somewhat fuzzy sensation against my fingers. I grabbed again, and it moved again! This time Mommy made a noise, but I think it meant good job because when I moved the covers, I found more of mommy was buried under them! Besides that was clearly getting her attention, so I did it over and over. I think I’m getting good at making Mommy happy, guys!

Also, I really don’t think gr’ups properly appreciate light. I mean look out the window. It’s beautiful. Or even better look at the one up there above my head. Even if I’m really mad or sad, when I see that, it’s hard not to be completely d…..




Good Morning! (Bruce, almost 4 mo)

Good morning everyone!

Though mommy kept insisting it wasn’t morning. I told her she was in the minority in my bedroom. Daddy got up (probably around 6 or a little before) and I slept/sucked in for a while. Plenty of time for Mommy to wake up fully, I’d have thought. The sun came up and it was beautiful. I really liked the sunrise and naturally I told my dear mother about it. She repeatedly responded by kissing me and then tucking me in tighter and then turning away to try to sleep. I told her there was no point. I told her she wasn’t getting back to sleep. I told her lots of things over and over! She wasn’t very friendly, but I reminded myself that she was just not awake yet, so I sung to her to help her wake up! She apparently wasn’t persuaded, but I was right, folks. When my daddy came in to kiss us goodbye a little after 6:30, she asked him to tell me to go back to sleep. I grinned at him, amused by silly Mommy. Daddy, who seemed by far the more intelligent of my two parents this morning, said “He smiled at me; I am helpless!” Around 7, Mommy finally gave up and got out of bed. I didn’t tell her “I told you so!” but that’s mainly because my mouth won’t cooperate yet.

Mommy says that’s the last time she lets me go to bed when my sister does. But if my exciting sister is going to be home all day, and Mommy doesn’t let me go to sleep, she will be SORRRY! Let me tell you!

Good morning again!


My Bruceness (Bruce, 3.5 mo)

Hey everybody,

I’m BRUCE! Mommy was talking to me and she said “trombone noise trombone noise BRUCE” and I knew what that last part meant. People are always talking at me, and it was so wonderful to know exactly what she meant for a moment. I suspect I smiled wide enough to swallow her face. (Mommy says to tell you it was a perfect 😀 though as usual, that’s nonsense to me.) So now she’s been saying “Bruce” a lot to me. I think she was pretty excited that she could finally communicate successfully. At least she seems to have some clue that I’m important.

Actually, I’ve been trying to help her work on her communication skills lately. Whenever she says something, even though it’s a lot of nonsense, I try to make some interested noise. She seems to appreciate it, and she often responds. Maybe with time she’ll learn to make sense.

I’m not just going to depend on her though. Lately I’ve been trying to do more for myself. Mommy just spends far too much time in front of the computer to depend on for entertainment. So Daddy set up this exciting thing of colors and shapes and I’ve been shaking and grabbing! I’ve discovered that sometimes my hand does something and then it is a bit heavier. Often at those times my then if I move my hand it makes a noise!

Been spending a lot of time watching the bigger child lately. She doesn’t move like the grown-ups do, and her voice is a lot more like mine. Sometimes she performs for me and I stare entranced. But then she goes away. I try to roll after  her, but no sucess, so I YELL. Then Mommy and Daddy just put me back where I was. I didn’t want to stay where I was. I wanted to follow my sister! (See, back to their lack of communication skills. Sigh.)


(That’s ME!!)

Messes and Sitting (Bruce, 3 mo)

Hi big people,

It’s been a big week or so. In random news,  mommy told me not to mention this, but she seemed so impressed that I think I should get to boast. Besides, she doesn’t usually tell me not to discuss things, so it must be exciting. After a diaper change, I made so much mess that mommy changed all of her clothes and said the sheets and went to wash saying all of her limbs needed it. Daddy says it’s because of all the notmommy I’ve been drinking. And I don’t mean drinking mommy from the wrong source. I mean drinking the wrong thing. It tasted Not As Good. Frankly, I hate to tattle, but Mommy has been seriously unreliable lately. She’s been missing three nights out of the last seven, like not anywhere!. And I know she didn’t just disappear either because one day Daddy took me to visit mommy in a place of bright lights and we brought her home. So she existed! She just wasn’t with me! Daddy vanishes most days though, so he’s not better. Not quite sure what’s wrong with these parents sometimes.

Also, I gather that Mommy had a thing called a Raymond that she liked a lot, but I don’t think that’s a good reason to wake me up by squeezing me. And this isn’t the first time she’s done that either!

However, some good things have been happening too. I’m definitely feeling more able to control this giant heavy thing at the top of my body. That makes it much easier to see wiggly interesting things. In fact, mommy’s been putting me so that I lie up and down instead of looking at the ceiling. Then I can see SO Many things. All the things! It’s much less stable than lying down normally, but I can see so many layers of excitement. I crow and kick with great joy. Then my feet stop holding me up and the view slides away. This makes me yell with outrage, and usually summons a grownup. Though sometimes they come with frustrating slowness; remind me to write them a bad yelp review after this. For now though, I’m off to help Daddy mail a check.



Arms (Bruce, 3 mo)

Hi Everyone,

So, there are things. And sometimes they move in front of your face and you get moving pink black light shadow. Get your people to do it; iit is wiggly cool. In fact, sometimes when you look at a dangly thing it gives you feelings. Partially for that reason, I think I have things besides a head. I’m not sure what they are but when I get really excited I can’t make them stop. It was great last night feeling them doing things. I grinned and grinned, and Mommy and Daddy were BOTH giving me attention. But then I was really really tired and the mystery things that are attached to me kept moving. And that made me really upset. And that seemed to make them more active. Then Mommy did something with a giant thing and all those feelings stopped. Usually that makes me mad, and anyway they start over again very fast. But having the distracting wiggly feeling stop made the OH MY WIGGLY SOMETHING IS HAPPENING feelings stop and the world went away.

However, something in my eating place HURTS. And then it doesn’t. Then it HURTS HURTS. Worse though Mommy has been failing to make it better. Is Outrage. It helps some if I can suck, but Mommy Keeps Putting ME Down. On the other hand, sometimes Daddy gives me a finger. And he talks to me. I really like that Daddy guy. Coming to appreciate him more. He’s good at making things come and go above my face and when he has me the farts and burps don’t get stuck so much. Still really fails at feeding me though, and that’s pretty darn important. Stilll, I’m rating him an Ooohwaah.

Speaking of feeding, I’ve found that if you eat until it comes out, you can eat again. I’ve been practicing sharing my food with everyone. If I share enough of it with Mommy, she stops wearing that shirt. I wish she’d stop putting other ones on. I really don’t approve of covering the food things. Still, a couple days ago I got Mommy to change her shirt twice and Daddy to change his once before Daddy just stopped wearing a shirt. (See, Mommy, that’s how you do it!)

Okay, I’m going to go suck back to sleep now, so,



Hello World (Bruce, almost 3.0 months)

Recently, I said I was Hungry HUNGRY, and instead of mommyfood, Daddy gave me something kind of like food. It smelled like food, but it was COLD! It was NOT my mommy Can you imagine what kind of mommy would be cold? I told him loudly and clearly that that was NOT my mommy.


On the other hand the person who is smaller than Mommy and Daddy came over to me again. She kept doing something that made the light go away and then it came back. Then she dangled the light-covering thing over me. It was a pretty bright color and I looked at it a while. It was fun, untl Mommy came and put the thing on my legs. That annoyed me because it stopped the game. Then that person, who Mommy calls Kathryn came over and put something else in my face it was shiny and strings from her head and I like to grab it. That was fun.


On the bad side, Mommy will not stop fussing with my head. First she put gooey stuff all over it and then she pecked at it and fussed at it. I keep moving my head away adn sometimes she gets distracted, but then she sees it again, and starts fussing at it again. I will have to work on teaching her to keep her hands to herself.





P.S. Being jiggled is fun, but not when I have a dirty diaper.