Monthly Archives: November 2012

My really inconvenient body (Bruce, 5.5 mo)

So, I have decided that a fascination with light is getting rather dangerous for a little guy like me. You see, Momma keeps putting me into a sitting position with my hands helping to prop me up. Now that is rather tiring, so sometimes I just fall over–she catches me, of course–that’s what parents are made for–but usually when I fall it’s because I was looking up. Okay, so I admit that many things are up when you’re my size, but lights–the one in the outside and the ones on the ceiling–are some of the best things that are up high. And honestly, they’re totally worth falling onto Momma about. Does one still see things worth falling over for when one is as big as you?

Speaking of my body, it has been getting on my nerves lately. I keep wanting to roll onto my tummy. But I’m not sure why. For one thing if I don’t  want to kiss the ground, I’ve got to hold my heavy heavy head up constantly. But also, whenever I’m there, I try to move.  Boy, is that a failure. I flail my limbs and get absolutely nowhere. I’ve an overbalanced little body. My head is so heavy that when I lift it up, that tends to lift my feet into the air too. Have you ever tried to crawl while holding a ginormous thing on your neck while at the same time having your legs float into the air? You just try. Go on, I’ll wait. When you can manage to crawl over to me like that, you can tell me that crawling is easy! I’ll be lying here. Okay, no I won’t. For some bizarre reason, I’ll be rolling onto my tummy and desperately trying to crawl again. Help?


Over I go! (Bruce, 5.5 mo)

Everyone, I rolled! Onto my tummy, on purpose! In fact, I can do it whenever I want. Well, as long as I’m on my back, at least. You just put me on my back, and I’ll roll over and beam. Just wait until I manage that while they are changing me. We’ll see who I catch with that one first Mommy or Daddy.

The only problem with being on my tummy is that then I want to keep on going places. I am a baby on the move! And I really can’t manage to go anywhere. Legs seem to be an on-going issue in my life. I really thought I’d solved them when I made them bounce me everywhere, but when I try to go forward on my tummy, my legs are kind of useless. May have to work on that.

Speaking of which, Mommy raised my bouncer up a bit, so now even a tiny tiny wiggle sends me zooming in the air. Bouncing, higher and better than ever. “MMMMMMM! Ehh vooo! Ehhhh. <hiccup> Reeeee AAH MMM<hiccup>

I didn’t like bouncing yesterday. Well, let’s be frank. I didn’t like much of anything yesterday. I tried to spend the last two days sleeping, because when I tried to breathe sometimes  the air didn’t come properly. It was awful. I would want to sleep, so I went for the foods, and then I couldn’t breathe. Then Mommy (or Daddy, he’s betrayed me too.) would get the monster that goes in my nose and takes my air. Invasive and horribly rude I said. They did not listen.

I’m past that now though. I’m full of strawberry flavored energy, jumping, beaming, and drooling. I grab one hand with each of my hands and each hand puts its catch in my mouth. Usually that means I grab my own hands, but earlier today I caught a hand of Mommy’s and a hand of Daddy’s. Both of them, caught right next to me for teething convenience. It was great!

“MMMMMMMMMM eh vehh”