Sleep Mostly (Bruce, 4 mo)

Having some troubles with mother lately on the topic of sleeping. Take last night for instance, I was very tired after watching my sister–you try staring at a four year old for a  while, it’s exhausting!–so I fell asleep while mom was putting her to bed. Apparently Mom didn’t completely approve, because after a nice half an hour she started trying to wake me up. She tried all her favorite tricks like talking to me and rubbing my hair the wrong way, but I was a tired baby, and I completely ignored her. Apparently that brought out the sadistic streak in her, because next she tried chucking me under the chin. She knows I don’t like that. However, I am a focused baby, and I was tired, so I gave her a dirty look and then went back to sleep. That’s when she truly got me below the belt. She went with her other trick from back when I was a premie; she boob-slapped me! Wow, some people are desperate for attention. Finally to make her bloody leave me alone I sucked on it for at least five seconds, but then I think I went back to sleep. I tried to tell her I was a tired baby!

So then a couple hours later I woke up and I was feeling better. Really hungry, I mean I hadn’t eaten in like 4 hours by then–can you believe she would do that to me!–but not nearly as exhausted. She got up and took me into our bed out of that little bed she keeps sticking me in. So after I’ve eaten a bit, I decided I should entertain mommy a bit so that she wouldn’t bother me again so much next time. We were all covered with a lightweight thing and then mommy and I were sharing a heavier thing that was kind of warm. It was cozy, so I grabbed it and pulled. It moved! That was funny, but then mommy took it out of my hand and moved it back. Bah! Still, even after she moved it, I felt that soft and somewhat fuzzy sensation against my fingers. I grabbed again, and it moved again! This time Mommy made a noise, but I think it meant good job because when I moved the covers, I found more of mommy was buried under them! Besides that was clearly getting her attention, so I did it over and over. I think I’m getting good at making Mommy happy, guys!

Also, I really don’t think gr’ups properly appreciate light. I mean look out the window. It’s beautiful. Or even better look at the one up there above my head. Even if I’m really mad or sad, when I see that, it’s hard not to be completely d…..




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