Good Morning! (Bruce, almost 4 mo)

Good morning everyone!

Though mommy kept insisting it wasn’t morning. I told her she was in the minority in my bedroom. Daddy got up (probably around 6 or a little before) and I slept/sucked in for a while. Plenty of time for Mommy to wake up fully, I’d have thought. The sun came up and it was beautiful. I really liked the sunrise and naturally I told my dear mother about it. She repeatedly responded by kissing me and then tucking me in tighter and then turning away to try to sleep. I told her there was no point. I told her she wasn’t getting back to sleep. I told her lots of things over and over! She wasn’t very friendly, but I reminded myself that she was just not awake yet, so I sung to her to help her wake up! She apparently wasn’t persuaded, but I was right, folks. When my daddy came in to kiss us goodbye a little after 6:30, she asked him to tell me to go back to sleep. I grinned at him, amused by silly Mommy. Daddy, who seemed by far the more intelligent of my two parents this morning, said “He smiled at me; I am helpless!” Around 7, Mommy finally gave up and got out of bed. I didn’t tell her “I told you so!” but that’s mainly because my mouth won’t cooperate yet.

Mommy says that’s the last time she lets me go to bed when my sister does. But if my exciting sister is going to be home all day, and Mommy doesn’t let me go to sleep, she will be SORRRY! Let me tell you!

Good morning again!



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