My Bruceness (Bruce, 3.5 mo)

Hey everybody,

I’m BRUCE! Mommy was talking to me and she said “trombone noise trombone noise BRUCE” and I knew what that last part meant. People are always talking at me, and it was so wonderful to know exactly what she meant for a moment. I suspect I smiled wide enough to swallow her face. (Mommy says to tell you it was a perfect 😀 though as usual, that’s nonsense to me.) So now she’s been saying “Bruce” a lot to me. I think she was pretty excited that she could finally communicate successfully. At least she seems to have some clue that I’m important.

Actually, I’ve been trying to help her work on her communication skills lately. Whenever she says something, even though it’s a lot of nonsense, I try to make some interested noise. She seems to appreciate it, and she often responds. Maybe with time she’ll learn to make sense.

I’m not just going to depend on her though. Lately I’ve been trying to do more for myself. Mommy just spends far too much time in front of the computer to depend on for entertainment. So Daddy set up this exciting thing of colors and shapes and I’ve been shaking and grabbing! I’ve discovered that sometimes my hand does something and then it is a bit heavier. Often at those times my then if I move my hand it makes a noise!

Been spending a lot of time watching the bigger child lately. She doesn’t move like the grown-ups do, and her voice is a lot more like mine. Sometimes she performs for me and I stare entranced. But then she goes away. I try to roll after  her, but no sucess, so I YELL. Then Mommy and Daddy just put me back where I was. I didn’t want to stay where I was. I wanted to follow my sister! (See, back to their lack of communication skills. Sigh.)


(That’s ME!!)


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