Hello World (Bruce, almost 3.0 months)

Recently, I said I was Hungry HUNGRY, and instead of mommyfood, Daddy gave me something kind of like food. It smelled like food, but it was COLD! It was NOT my mommy Can you imagine what kind of mommy would be cold? I told him loudly and clearly that that was NOT my mommy.


On the other hand the person who is smaller than Mommy and Daddy came over to me again. She kept doing something that made the light go away and then it came back. Then she dangled the light-covering thing over me. It was a pretty bright color and I looked at it a while. It was fun, untl Mommy came and put the thing on my legs. That annoyed me because it stopped the game. Then that person, who Mommy calls Kathryn came over and put something else in my face it was shiny and strings from her head and I like to grab it. That was fun.


On the bad side, Mommy will not stop fussing with my head. First she put gooey stuff all over it and then she pecked at it and fussed at it. I keep moving my head away adn sometimes she gets distracted, but then she sees it again, and starts fussing at it again. I will have to work on teaching her to keep her hands to herself.





P.S. Being jiggled is fun, but not when I have a dirty diaper.



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